COLT M1911 A1 Airborne Division 6mm GBB / CO2

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  • MWM-10210-B
Limited edition Colt M1911 101st Airborne Division (only last pieces)... more
Product information "COLT M1911 A1 Airborne Division 6mm GBB / CO2"
Limited edition Colt M1911 101st Airborne Division (only last pieces)
Hard-Blow-Back airsoft pistol with original markings, consecutive serial number and full metal body!
The limited series COLT 1911 «101st Airborne Division» for the collectors to the tiniest detail.

An absolute must for collectors!

Caliber:                     6mm BB
Material:                    Metal
Grips:                        Wood
Length:                      220 mm (all real size)               
Weight:                      975g
System:                     Semi Auto , Gas Blowback and CO2 Blowback
Hop Up:                     Yes
Energy:                     1,10 Joule

1 piece 17rd Magazine is included 

The Colt Pistol Display is only separate to order: Art.-Nr.: 10210-PS

Each piece has its own carved serial number from 1 to 500 and its certificate number. Between 1943 and 1944, COLT’s factory honored the contract n°W-478-ORD-2179 of 112269 COLT 1911, carved with the serial numbers from 1096405 to 1208673.

It was also pushed the historical resemblance to the maximum by carving the serial number from 1101700 to 1102300.

A faithful reproduction of the original boxes used by  COLT® factory, to send the 1911 A1 to the military arsenal before being distributed to the US ARMY troops, has been designed as the replica’s case.

Finally, this Collector Set is also coming with a Pin-up picture and the “Merry Christmas” letter reproduction sent by the general McAuliffe.

The absolute realism, for a one-of-a-kind replica…

For the «BattleField Replica» was developed and applied a special fabrication process and unique surface treatment of metals.

Each metal part has been bead-blasted in order to get an irreproachable surface. That treatment was the absolute precondition for the success of this replica’s finishes.

Each piece received a special surface treatment in order to get almost the same result as on the 1944’s real COLTs surface. This treatment, based on the oxidation-reduction process, was specially worked out internally in our French offices.

Collector over the butt…

The butt received a very special care with its walnut tree gridded grips carved with the 101st emblem. Theses grips heightens the exclusive and unique design.

Markings entirely dedicated to the 101st Airborne…

Screaming Eagles emblem on the breech, marking «101st Airborne Division Battle of Bastogne», limited serial number, every detail identifies this COLT as an outstanding replica.

One target, precision…

An outstanding replica deserves outstanding performances: The limited serial COLT 1911 «101st Airborne Division» was designed with the best mechanical elements.

Each piece has been manufactured, controlled and verified with the utmost care and the highest standards of quality. This serial was meant to have an outstanding shooting precision, in 101st Airborne Division honour. It was a logical outcome to equip this replica with a 6,01 mm precision barrel.


Der Verkauf von Waffen mit einer Mündungsenergie von über 0,5 Joule bis max. 7,5 Joule ist in Deutschland nur an Personen mit einem Mindestalter von 18 Jahren erlaubt. Der Verkauf kann daher nur nach Erbringung eines Altersnachweises erfolgen.

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